Big feet equals ugly shoes.

I’ve been manning the fort while Jon’s been busy galavanting in Australia for the past four days.  It’s SUPER weird to see him in this role of international businessman.  He’s always kinda traveled within the states for work, but this is a whole new deal.  He’s been figuring out visa stuff, and getting the vaccinations he needs, so weird.  He was in Sydney for three days, then flew to Melbourne for literally an afternoon, then he’ll be home tomorrow for four days, and then a quick skip to Mumbai for three more days.  Like, India.  Just a casual trip to India.

I’m jealous in a good way, but trust the day will come when we get to tag along to one of these cool places.  In the meantime, we are ever enjoying life here in singapore, and the week was passed easily because my friend Rachel was in town!
She had been working in madagascar on a floating hospital ship for the past nine months, and decided to swing through asia on her way back to the states.  It was surreal having her here, and we realized that it has been almost exactly 10 years to the month that we met!
This is Rachel, during our stint as “threes company” back when we all lived and took vacations together (circa 2010):

Max was so beyond thrilled to see a familiar face, and every time he’d be administering hugs to the group, he’d beeline straight for her.  It was pretty cute.
So we did some very touristy things, such as seeing gardens by the bay, and riding the big ol’ ferris wheel here…

…and did some not-run-of-the-mill things, like taking a walking tour of the Little India district here.  THAT was super interesting to me, as I’ve been borderline obsessed with Indian food since arriving, and have tried to learn much more about the country and am now dying to visit myself.  Anyway, it was fun to meet someone new here, a nice lady named Pooja, and learn a ton about Indian food & culture.  She walked us thru Tekka market and explained in great detail every fruit & veggie that we’d never seen or tasted before.  We went thru various shops, and she seemed to have the answer for everything.  It was really awesome, and really beautiful.  My appreciation for Indian culture just increased exponentially, and I’m excited to go back again soon.
– myself, Pooja, Rachel

– have you ever seen so many lentils in your life?

– funny fruits, dragonfruit & rambutan.

– rachel, hesitantly trying jackfruit.  It was my first time also…weird!  tasty, but such a heavy fruit.  Like eating a fruity piece of meat.

– you would never believe just how many types of ginger there are out there.  Rookie mistake, do not confuse “yellow ginger” for regular ginger, or you’ll end up dyeing your fingers yellow for three days, and your kitchen utensils yellow…forever.
– the picture on the right is a man shaving coconut.  dropping entire hunks of raw coconut in that machine, and out come the shavings.

– for the more adventurous cooks out there, stingray and shark maybe? these things were huge.  and sad.

– the prettiest flower arrangements you’ve ever seen. Fun fact, you aren’t allowed to smell them until you buy them. 

– we explored a sari shop where a storekeeper sweetly asked me when my baby is due.  That was a highlight of my month.  Diet starts tomorrow.

DSC_1440– stores of copper & bronze.  I challenged rachel to find the holy grail, but warned her to “choose wisely.”

Photo May 27, 5 02 16 PM– Rach in front of what was once the largest fountain in the world

One of the nights we got together with a couple other friends I’ve been getting to know, and one taught the rest of us how to play mahjong.  It’s not your PC matching game that we’d play idly instead of studying for finals.  It involves a lot more strategy than that, and is really fun, and I hope to find some nerd friends such as myself to do that with again.

– oh, and then I kicked a toad while walking home that night, that was honestly the size of my fist.  He was okay, but didn’t seem super thrilled about it.

And then real life sort of set in for the week, and the kids had their school and nap routine, and Rachel needed some decompression time from such a long time doing mission work, that we honestly didn’t do a whole lot interesting after that.  Or nothing at least that we have pictures from.  She did some exploring on her own the rest of the time, and then took an early flight out this morning, and it feels like it was all over so fast!  Max misses you so much already, Rachel.  Thank you for sharing our life with us for a week, and for loving on my kids.

I was on an outing last week with the kiddos, and it was just one of those days where everything was going wrong.  Max was in an awful mood, we were running late for something, I was trying to keep a good attitude, when my flip flop decides to fail me.
Photo May 25, 3 24 37 PM
There was a mall three blocks away, but it was seriously three blocks that I had to walk with only one shoe on.  Across intersections and stuff.  Max was being a little cuss and laughed at me the whole way.  We got to the mall, and I made a beeline for the first shoe kiosk I could see, not caring much about what I ended up with as long as it was cheap.  It was then I learned that a size 8 shoe in asia is considered freakishly large, and they only had one option in my size. and now I have these lovely $19 souvenirs to remind me of that afternoon:
Photo May 25, 5 06 43 PM

Max & Remy are both going thru some huge developmental changes lately.  Or is that just life always now?  Remy has finally seriously taken to walking (absolutely knew it would happen on a week that Jon is out of town!) and max is trying to spell and add everything he can.  I love seeing him grow in this area, and surprise me with things I didn’t know he knew.  Here he is, puzzling over 1+7:
Photo May 31, 7 18 00 PM

– Max’s school had a “sports day” this past week, where they invited other preschools to their fields to compete in events such as soccer, long jump, high jump, races…it’s been building excitement for the past month, so I was excited to come take pictures and see all the fun.  Turns out I didn’t read the emails closely, and parents weren’t really invited.
Thank God max is still too young to be embarrassed about having an unwelcome mom there, haha.

These pictures are no longer in order, by the way.

Photo May 23, 4 48 23 PM– One of Max’s best buddies here, from denmark.  they live in our building and Max & Mattias beg us moms for playdates on the regular.  His mom is fantastic as well, and it’s so so great having amazing people living right across the pool from us.

Photo May 31, 1 44 32 PM
– my one-on-one time with Remy has been super fun lately, as he’s coming out of his little baby shell and enjoying more and more things.  This is us on the bus last week, and he’s just so incredibly enjoyable.  Good natured, friendly to all, just happy to be wherever he is.  So thankful for this little one.

Photo May 29, 3 24 27 PM– duct tape art in the subway?

Photo Jun 02, 11 22 03 AM– only in asia are shiitake mushrooms dirt cheap, and white button mushrooms cost five times as much.  Now if only Cheerios weren’t $10 a box…

– this is a cafe near our house, thinking they are real clever.  We know you 100% stole a Ronald McDonald statue and painted over it.

Photo Jun 02, 6 25 54 PM– one of max’s buddies had us over to play this afternoon…and ^^THIS is their house.  With a giant climbing web just hanging over their main room, for kiddos (and adults!) to play in.  Max pretty much died and went to heaven.
Photo Jun 02, 6 25 22 PM
– and while the older boys did that, the babies fed each other snacks.  Also, I swear my baby is a boy.  Don’t place gender roles on him because of his hair.

Oh, and this is super fun now too:
Photo Jun 02, 3 27 11 PM
I forgot about how fun that part of mommyworld is.

So anyway, there are some updates in pictures!  In 8 days we have three of my cousins arriving!  It’s such a fun excuse to do more sightseeing than we normally would day to day.  I love it here, and am excited for others to experience it, and see things through their eyes.


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  1. Sue Wendt says:

    Kara, what an adventure you are having. And your attitude toward it all is inspiring. Enjoy your time with the cousins and keep posting.


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