Video house tour [and the unnecessary overuse of the word “storage”]

You asked for a video tour of our place? You got it, kids! And you’ll regret you ever asked when you realize it’s been 9 minutes, and the thing is still playing. Put the kids to bed, grab some popcorn, and cuddle up for the most boring film of the season!

I throw myself at your mercy for how stupidly excited I am for all the cabinets and closets in our place. In hindsight, I’m a little or a lot embarrassed of my narrarating. I doubt MTV cribs will be calling me to host if they ever reboot.

Mostly this vid is for our moms, aunts, sisters, and best girlfriends. If I had added a credit reel, I would have acknowledged you all there 🙂



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  1. Lynn Zacharias says:

    Thanks Kara….now I can picture where you live and it makes it so much more real…glad everyone is feeling well again…looks like the boys are happy…and love there home …

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  2. Peggy Cotterill says:

    Hi Kara…Thankyou so much for sharing your home thru video….looks like a really nice place for you & Jon & boys…..good to see video of the boys…they sure are growing….glad you are all feeling better….love you.

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  3. Kelsie says:

    Oh man! I poured myself a cup of coffee and snuggled up in bed and now can’t get the link to work. 😢 I’m dying to see all your storage!

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    1. punchykara says:

      Sorry, Kelsie!! The initial post’s link (the one that got emailed out to everyone) is broken. I updated on the blog, but you actually have to go to the blog. Lame, sorry!


  4. Carmen Zacharias says:

    What a nice apartment, you have more room than your Seattle home. You can use the maid room for another single guest also:) I like your furniture choices in the place. Remy is so sweet following you from room to room. Lord willing we can visit you this year. So thankful that you all are feeling healthier. Love-Mom


    1. punchykara says:

      Thanks, mom. The furniture came with the place, thankfully 🙂


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