the return to health, faux alligators, and constructing a social life

Another week over, this one far less painful than the first!   Jon is back to health & everyone seems to be in good spirits.  I cannot overstate how thankful I am for that.  Tiny step by tiny step, things are clicking into place here, and it doesnt seem impossible that we could make a home here, for this period of life.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a few women in this building, who are super kind, and one of them has two boys the same age as mine!  Max is beyond thrilled to have a boy of the same age & energy level to play with, and when we all walked to a nearby food court for lunch the other day, I’m not sure him & Ruben stopped holding hands for more than five seconds at a time.  They both seem insanely excited to have a friend, and this momma heart is SO glad to see how happy Max is about it.  Even if it’s just some company for the short stint that we are in this apartment, it’s a relief.  It feels normal.  I feel not so alone. (I do hope to stay in touch with this lady, though.  She’s pretty funny and easy to talk to).
It’s really great to have people to fire my questions at…and there are a million questions.  Is the water safe to drink?  Where do you buy your meat?  How about diapers?  Pediatrician?  Outings for kids?  Each answer leaves five questions in its place.  The learning curve is pretty big.

I heard about a kids garden within the larger Botanical Gardens, so I taxied over there with the kiddos last week.  Max was quick to find two little boys around his age, and had a ball:

That led to me meeting their momma and sharing a thirty minute conversation.  She remembered, with a lot of empathy, being in my new shoes, so she invited us over for a playdate & took my number.  I must be jaded by the Seattle freeze (the common occurence where you meet a genuinely friendly face who waxes on about getting together again sometime, but then disappears completely, and who you never see again.  I LOVE seattle…I always will.  But even I am guilty of doing that, I must confess.  It’s common practice out there), but this lady surprised me by actually following up on her offer!  And we went out there two days ago, and Max went straight to kid-heaven, lost in their toys and camaraderie.  Take away all of your kid’s toys for an entire month, and then drop him in a room full of new-to-him toys.  It’s an amazing sight 🙂
I was given the chance to pick her brain, and was delighted to find our personalities so similar…adventurous, outgoing, easy-going, just generally being a mom of only boys (it’s a unique club to be a member of, truly!).  I wish I had a notebook to jot down all the insider tips for things to do here.  I remember a couple, and am excited to try them out.  Really hoping her & I keep in touch too.  For Max’s AND my sake.  She was super sweet.

(before I get too far, let me mention that after the children’s garden day, we were eating our lunch in a nearby picnic area.  I suddenly heard a scuffle, and a squawk, and when I stopped being disoriented, I realized there was a giant amphibious lizard of sorts in the bushes straight up hunting a wild chicken.  Where was I?!  I was both terrified but had to get closer.  Swear to God, I thought it was an alligator, but I learned later it’s a common “water monitor” which is pretty harmless.  Unless you’re a chicken.  There’s a bunch of animals we are used to seeing the likes of only in zoos, but I think things like this may become more common.  I’ll let you know when I run into monkeys.  I hear it will happen.

When Jon was down and out due to that lovely dinner of Malaysian bbq, I sought encouragement from an expat women facebook group…they gave me names of doctors, and all sorts of advice and well-wishes.  One sweet girl actually followed up to see how Jon ended up, and then asked if she could welcome me to Singapore over a glass of wine.  Yes, please!!  I met up with her and one of her friends two nights ago, and it was so so wonderful.  Their stories & jokes had me laughing til my sides hurt, and it was such a perfect setting.  Glasses of wine, yummy creme brulee, and genuinely GOOD live music going on in the background…I wish so bad I could have been surrounded by all of my girl friends.  You all would have LOVED it.
But I am so thankful for kind women here who are open & welcoming to newcomers.  I’m excited to get to know new people, and learn new things, and definitely for the new experiences & stories we’ll share.  Trying to work up the nerve to join them again (and even more of their friends) for karaoke this evening.  Talk about being initiated, huh?  I know you all know me as brave Kara, but honestly, I’m feeling timid and more like I’d like to stay home in my sweats.  Stay tuned on snapchat to see if it happens or not 😉

So…I find myself with a variety of new friends after Week 2.  That happened fast, right?  I feel fortunate to have met so many kind people!  And I know Max does too.  And Remy, well, he’s just a momma’s boy still 🙂

Our upcoming week will be a busy one.  Max starts school on Monday, we plan to move into our new apartment on Wednesday, then Max really jumps into things by starting to take the school bus, and then supposedly the shipment of all our things arrives in eight days.  SO EXCITED.
And then Max starts swimming, and soccer, and mandarin…
…and I found a babysitter!!! HOW DID I FORGET TO MENTION THAT?!  I really got lucky on that end.  Just happened to hear about a girl studying at university here from the UK, so I reached out to her, and she excitedly wanted to meet us!  She came over this past week, and she’s sweeter than pie, seriously.  She’s like a young, hip Mary Poppins, and says cheeky things like “brilliant” and “lovely.”  She’ll come to give me a break one afternoon a week, and just generally be available if Jon & I ever want a date out without kids!  I can’t say how excited I am about Hannah.
Okay.  That’s life from us this week.  Jon is liking work a lot, and we had a good time last weekend exploring the city a little bit & catching some of the cultural festivities for the New Year…

Excited to see what we find this weekend 🙂  And also making a big Ikea run to furnish our new place a bit.  I sound so old being excited for that, but this is 32!
I can tell we are going to love it here.  Just wish you were all here with me…
jungle sidewalk


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel says:

    Kara, I think your awesomeness draws other awesome people to you like a magnet! Thank you for writing about life in Singapore, it feels like being there with you. ❤️😄🐲 week 2!


  2. Aunt Sharon says:

    Love reading about all your adventures! Hope you’re all healthy now. God bless and keep you safe. Love, Aunt Sharon


  3. Kelsie says:

    Yes! Yes! YES!!!! I love hearing about all these relationships that are building. And that you have a sitter! What wonderful news this week.
    And STOP IT about that terrifying lizard thing! I die.


  4. Sue White says:

    Yeah for a better week! I love reading about all the ins and outs, and new friends and experiences. What memories you are making! Love you! Can’t wait to hear more about this upcoming week.😍😍😘😘😘


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