serenity now 

I have arrived on this soil knowing I’m a guest here, and lucky to be. I don’t expect or want anyone to cater to me. I don’t want to wave my American flag and claim that our way is the better way. 

I want to be a student here, and understand the culture. I want to see and taste it all (well, almost all), and maybe even hope to restart the Mandarin classes I abandoned so long ago. I don’t want to be an arrogant expat here!!

But God help me, if another herd of able-bodied people push past me to fill up the elevator while I’m struggling with two crying children in a stroller, I might flip my shit. There’s an escalator RIGHT THERE. But no, that’s cool. Me and this gentleman in a wheelchair will continue to wait here for the next one. 

I can’t tell you how frequently this happens every day. I really am patient on my own about it. It’s how tired my kids are, screaming & hungry that send me over the top. 

There’s no waiting in line here. It’s a free for all. I have to learn how to a) roll with it and b) fend for myself. 

Sorry for the rant post. If you’re offended by occasional cussing…um, then it’s been great having you as a reader 🙂 night night. 


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  1. Kelsie says:

    Oh my word! This was one of my biggest struggles when traveling abroad! I could not handle how other cultures did not seem to understand or practice the concept of lines. Sounds like you and that guy in the wheelchair need to team up and block the entrance of the elevator just for fun. 😉


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