mole people

We don’t have any food in our fridge at the moment.  With the continental breakfast downstairs, and surrounded on four sides by amazing asian food courts, we havent done the due diligence to put any food in our house.  This morning Jon woke up sick, and I remembered they dont serve breakfast here on the weekends…Max was a hungry beast of a child, and the temperatures were quickly rising past 80 degrees before I climbed out of bed.  Dangit.

We loaded up the bob stroller (God bless that thing, my chariot.  Max can sit on the front end of it, with remy inside, and I can hang the heaviest of diaper bags from it, and fill the bottom to capacity, and it still rides with the greatest of ease), and decided to take the easy way out to mcdonalds for pancakes this morning.  It was just too conveniently close, and I was already feeling a little too overwhelmed today for any more than that.  Here’s a map to show where we’re living, and where McDonalds is:

cut between two (of a thousand) shopping centers, and cross the street.  SO SIMPLE right?
We cut between the buildings to get to Orchard Rd, and discovered, to my dismay, that there is NOWHERE to cross.  Like I mentioned, it’s like a mini times square.  jumbotrons, high fashion shopping everywhere, and a super busy road (Orchard) in the middle that was fenced off everywhere so you can’t cross.  I caught a sign that said you need to cross underground, in order to get to the other side.  Easy.  Okay.

Quickly found an escalator leading to the underworld, and then was funneled to another escalator, and though I tried hard to retain my bearings for which way to turn, in minutes I was lost underground in this megamaze of tunnels, shopping, escalators, subways, people in a hurry, commercials just materializing on surfaces that I thought was just a wall…Found an escalator heading back toward sunlight, only to discover we were on the same side of the road.  Curses.  Went back down, got lost again, kept walking, found an elevator up…still no luck.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  Max is getting to see different sides of mom, and I’m really hoping that the hustle and bustle of people & traffic muffled the unsavory things I was saying at this point.

It literally took us 45 minutes to figure a way across Orchard Road, but we did it.  Made our way to McDonalds for coffee & pancakes, and then back home, all exhausted and dripping in sweat.

I’ve GOT to get to a grocery store. (especially since Chinese New Year is in two days, and everything shuts down, and we’ll really be up a creek if we dont have food yet!)


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  1. Rachel says:

    I love this story! You’ll laugh about it someday, and I’m laughing about it now 😀


  2. suewhite18 says:

    I can just imagine you going through this. I am sure you were getting directions and commentary from Max, which will be hilarious later when you think about it. I love you and miss you soooooo much! Please hug everyone for me. Sue


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