so dang tired.

This is my first post since leaving the u.s. and it probably makes sense that I’m way too tired and overwhelmed to say anything insightful or amazing.  I will say that I think 23 cumulative hours on planes with a 4 yr old & 11 month old is FAR EASIER than everything that led up to our departure.  That part was by far the worst…all the packing, the headache of working with a certain shipping company that I’ll be kind and not mention by name, the extremely specific to-do list a mile long, the revolving door my house became as I gave away tons of our earthly possessions to strangers in our neighborhood…and then the goodbyes.  Dear lord, the goodbyes…if I never have to say goodbye to a loved one ever again, it will be way too soon.  I feel like by the time the really hard goodbyes rolled around at the very end, I was too emotionally spent to actually FEEL as hard as I needed to.
And maybe that’s to come yet. Shudder.  It was really tough.  That really speaks to how amazing all the family & friends are in my life…like really incredible.  It will be really hard to live life on the other side of the world from you guys for a time.  I feel the void already, ya’ll.

So once I had packed from morning til night, every single waking second, until I absolutely couldn’t look at another moving box, Remy & I boarded a plane to wisconsin so they could all meet my little bub, and so I could say a proper goodbye to all those I love out there.  Remy got sick right on schedule, the day before we headed there, and that was a crazy whirlwind of hard and amazing.  Thank you to my Auntie Lynn for your amazing hospitality, and for every single person who cleared time in their schedules to see me off.  I love you all so very very much.  Time for a photo dump, with captions.  This post may run long 🙂  (and it KILLS me to post iphone pictures that haven’t even been edited!!!  But ya’ll: desperate times.  I just can’t do it all all the time 🙂

this dame.  Hilary, i could talk at length about how thankful I am that you & I reconnected after high school and are friends. Life is weird and awesome, and our time together was so hilarious and encouraging.  $5 a week, friend.  Just $5 a week.

My dad & mom loving on Remy.  You two…I am so infinitely thankful for you.  Thank you for doing hard things with me, and for continuing to love all of us so.  Max misses you so much!!

unnamed (3)Remy with his sweet cousins.  So stinking cute seeing them all together but it breaks my heart that Max isn’t in this picture too!!  I seriously couldn’t imagine traveling all that way in the dead of winter with two kiddos by myself.  I was summoning my inner warrior just to survive with Rems.  But know that Max wanted to be there! Thanks for opening your house to us, katie.  I really cherished my time with you and your little ones 🙂

And then we flew back and had an even CRAZIER window of time to say final goodbyes and pack.  This is about the time I felt a cold descend upon me as well.  Oh life, you prankster.

Max’s last day at his preschool.  His teacher held a little “bon voyage” ceremony that included him running around a candle 4 times and then blowing it out.  She gave me a secret shrug that implied she was making it up as she went, but it didnt stop me from crying anyway.

Then we met up with Jon’s side of the family and had a bowling outing, where Max could just get crazy with his cousin, and we could all compete for the title of Best of the Worst at bowling 🙂

My brothers made the trek down to the farm for our last night stateside, and we all had tacos, and a good time together.  My brothers.  How I will miss those guys.  (David is the one strutting his alpha beard)
unnamed (4)The little white/dacey cousins, in all their cuteness:

Processed with VSCOcam with acg preset

And then just like that we were airborne.
I dont even remember what the flight was like to Sydney.  I think it went a lot better than we expected, and Remy even took a few naps along the way, but I also remember having the conscious thought next to him crying loud enough to wake the whole plane, “Yup.  We have descended into a new level of hell.”  Direct thought quote.  You win some, you lose some.
Our hotel there was planted squarely in Darling Harbor, about a two minute walk from the most adorable splash park I’ve ever seen, and that pretty much sums up our trip to Sydney!
Ha.  I mean, we did go to a zoo & aquarium within walking distance (the Shedd in chicago has forever ruined aquariums for me.  Nothing else stacks up), and then one day while Jon had to work all day, I got all crazy and took the boys on a double decker bus tour, just so we could get a quick glimpse at the Opera House.  I mean, how do you travel across the international dateline, and the equator, and not see it?

The last picture up there really sums up the truth of the issue….me, HELL-BENT on making that outing happen, and my boys…just jetlagged and sick and tired of walking, and probably hungry, and caring much more about the large water fountain in front of it, than the world famous landmark itself.  So, I’ve got my cute, totally dishonest pictures, and one to remind me of reality when I look back at these days with rosy-colored glasses.
Still, I say worth it.
We just puttered around, let max overdose on the ipad all he wanted in the hotel room…Let me take two seconds to comment on sharing a small hotel room with a four-year old, and a baby who still NEEDS two naps every day.  Actually, there isn’t too much to say about it, because it really is as miserable as you can imagine.  We were all pretty tired when we left Sydney:

unnamed (19)But I will say that it was a crazy/beautiful city!  I’m actually extremely sad I wasn’t able to explore more of it, and Australia in general.  It just wasn’t the time for us, in this stage of life.  We all had sinus infections, and moving our lives overseas doesn’t lend a stress-free situation.
But I’ll be back for you one day, Australia.  Just you see.Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

And then we arrived here!  Balmy Singapore…with a day and a half under my belt, I can confidently say I’m so excited to be here.  We are being housed in temporary housing…in a furnished condo 19 floors up in a building right off Orchard Road.  I’ve heard Orchard Road be compared to a mini Times Square, or a little Rodeo Drive… Jon let me explore the neighborhood this evening, and those descriptions seem about right to me.  It feels so weird to be in Asia for the first time, but then I can sometimes forget that we’re here since so much of it is westernized.  I’m really really enjoying all the sights, sounds & especially the smells tho.  I haven’t eaten anything so far that hasn’t been super delicious!

We have an apartment locked down, about a fifteen minute drive from here on a road called Bukit Timah, but we are waiting for the current tenants to finish their move out before we move in, in about 2.5 weeks.  Our housing agent really wanted me to see it anyway, though, so he picked us up this afternoon and took us over.  It is seriously the coolest unit EVERRRR with multiple pools that are straight out of travel & leisure magazine.  I have big plans for laying next to that pool reading while Max is at school and Remy naps!  The house is super cute too, though, with sweet bedrooms with all these cool built-ins, and smart storage all over, and I wont even do it justice to explain, so I’ll just give you a virtual tour once we move in.
But I’m absolutely cool with where we’re at now too.  They offer a FULL continental breakfast five days a week, and a housekeeper comes in to straighten up, do our dishes, and make our beds EVERY DAY.  It’s almost embarrassing.  Almost!

I met a lady at breakfast today, who just moved here from Utah four months ago.  She has two boys, 4 & 10 months!  Only she’s also 16 weeks pregnant, so she wins mom of the year.  It was nice to pick her brain about some things, and we made tentative plans to eat breakfast together tomorrow (you know.  breakfast five days a week)

Jon spent much of the day running around, tying up loose ends for Max’s school, which he begins Feb. 22 (long break due to Chinese New year), sorting out our banking, and trying to lock down our cell phone situation.  Just enjoying that we live in a world of wifi, and can stay super connected.  Today I facetimed with my dear friend Katie, and my sister Katie!  I’m happy to say I remember the days of traveling when you’d have to hunt down an internet cafe and use their wonky keyboards where their letters are all out of place.

and I’m neglecting so many more things I wanted to share, but I’m hitting a wall.  Everything is so awesome, but it’s still just a LOT.  So much to take in.  Max is having some behavioral struggles…I mean, of course he is.  Thank goodness he’s a normal child who reacts to a life event this big!  But that’s been hard, although expected.  Remy enjoys starting each day at 3:30 a.m.  And I’m finally understanding firsthand how oppressively humid it is here, and my hair isn’t agreeing with it in the slightest.

I literally walked into a salon tonight, pointed to my hair and cried, “Help!!”  I’m not kidding.  That’s exactly what I did.  I made some new friends there who were all touching my hair, and giving me advice, haha.  I’ve got some new armor against it, but I’m prepared for a long road of trying to outsmart the humid.

Okay, off to sleep I go.  It’s about 10 pm here, and about 6 am for all you back home.  Here’s what you do….
Look at the time, then add four hours (if you’re in seattle).  Then if it’s day, realize that it’s night for me.  If it’s night for you, realize it’s day for me.  That’s how you always know what time it is here!
Or my personal favorite method, hold up your phone and say, “Hey Siri, what time is it in Singapore?”


I’m rambling.  night night.


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  1. says:

    Dear Kara , Jon & boys……..Hi…..Thankyou for sharing this great post……One Day At A Time…is more than just a song title….it is good advice…..enjoy each day & whatever it brings…..we love all of you & pray for you……Uncle Roger & Aunt Peggy.


  2. Lynn Zacharias says:

    So excited to read your post…I am with you on the sinus infection….finally went and got some meds….feel better as we speak….have had tons of snow since you left….thank you for keeping us in the loop…love you aunt lynn


  3. Carmen Zacharias says:

    So nice to hear how you guys are doing. Good to hear that you have a home picked and for your to move to in Feb. That gives you time to figure out your way in your new location. Singapore sounds very intriguing and hospitable. I hope that’s the way you are feeling it. Your blog reminds me of that Julia blog, where your life there is interesting to read, like reality blog. I hope you are all feeling better and regaining your strength. Love Mom


  4. Hilary says:

    This is so great that you write this blog, Kara. How amazing to hear all the details of your travels. I am seriously amazed by you! Thanks for the sweet words…wish I could come visit! ♡


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