warp speed

Jon jumped into his new life as an international businessman, and jetted off to singapore this past friday night.  The kiddies and I are kicking it at the homestead for eight days, trying to wrap up things at the house, spend time with people, get organized, and just stay calm.  Considering the length of my to-do list, and the state of my house….we are in surprisingly good spirits!
If there’s one thing that moving nine times in nine years has taught me, it’s that everything gets done!!  I’ve packed at the last minute, and I’ve also packed early & steadily.  I’ve packed every single way you can pack, and it always, always gets done.  It’s like death & taxes.  A hard deadline, and life continues just fine.

With that said, my daily planner looks like a detective’s evidence wall.  It’s straight up nuts how much I’ve got going on every single day, and I’m certain something important will fall between the cracks very soon 🙂

This is the last full week we have in this house.  This is the house where our family unit came back together, and even GREW…which I never believed would happen for us.  From the moment we moved in here nearly two years ago, I’ve felt this sobering gratitude for the life I have.  I came so close to losing everything…losing Jon, and the chance to be a whole family.  This house for Max gave him two parents back together.  A backyard to kick the soccer ball around with dad, and a baby brother.
This house was healing for us.  Full of natural light and memories.  It hurts my heart to leave, and I believe I will forever leave a little piece of my heart in maple leaf.

But I am so jittery excited about the adventures on our horizon!
(my bff Amy is going to tease me for using that word.  “Adventure” used to make me roll my eyes, because it always seemed so melodramatic.  It still does bug me when people claim to go on adventures to chik-fil-a, or the outlet mall.  Ha.  Sorry, I can be judgy about vocabulary choices.  But I dare you suggest a word that better captures moving your family & two tiny kids to southeast asia!  This is an adventure in every sense of word!)
I cannot wait to experience the things that we come up with, between Jon’s & my crazy minds.  I can’t wait to show more of the world to Max, and to watch Remy grow up eating noodles 24/7 like its no big.

This is getting long, and I resolved to post pictures this time, so let me do that quick.  Sadly, most my photos are being posted vicariously thru Jon, who I am soooo jealous of at the moment!  I just want to be there!

a couple pics he snuck during landing into the country…

I may be inappropriately excited about the culturally hilarious finds I’ll come across there, like this gem Jon saw in the airport:
unnamed (1)

and then there’s this kid, who I laid next to in bed last night as he went to sleep.  He went on at length about all the friends he’s going to make there, and invite over for playdates – and he’ll go to THEIR house, and ride the TRAIN to their house to play…his eyes were all big and excited, and I can’t get over how big his heart is, and how brave.  max-2

Tickets are bought, and we ARE going to sydney, Australia first for four days, before traveling on to singapore.  Just worked out best for us all with a meeting Jon had, so bring it on! We’ll be jet lagged and weary, but why not sydney?
Leaving for wisconsin in ten days for a whirlwind “meet Remy” visit with family and friends, and then peaceing out in 17.  Sorry, I’m big on countdowns 🙂  If you know me at all, then you know that to be true.


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  1. Lynn Zacharias says:

    So excited for you and family….looking forward to you and Remy being in Wisconsin…God is good Kara!!!


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