lip sweat.

During my nightly research to mentally prepare for this nutburgers transition we are about to make, I came across a cleverly-written blog that really articulated the heatwave we are running straight towards.

It’s hot. This almost should be considered an obvious fact when you consider the country’s placement one degree off the Equator, but it’s more than what I expected of the hot. It’s wet, humid, sticky hot. Like I stuffed my head into the dryer at the end of a cycle, and this was after I took a good hard jog down the street in the midday sun. And the clamminess just never leaves you. Not in the middle of the night. Not in the rainy season. Not even when you are sitting with your feet in the pool. My lip sweats. I didn’t even know there were sweat glands on my lip and yet now I find myself mopping my lips up. God forbid I try to put on some lipstick. I would end up with streaks of red dripping down my neck and into my cleavage if I even bother to try. I mean it. It’s hot.”

So, there’s no escaping that.
Here’s the rest of that post.  And here’s her blog, if you’re curious.


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  1. Ruthie says:

    Curled haired girl’s DREAM, amiright??


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