hurry up and wait

If I told someone standing in my house that we are moving across the world in 36ish days, they just might have a heart attack on my behalf. Because save for an enormous pile of clothes on my living room floor (it’s sorted into piles only I can distinguish…give away, storage, and taking with us), and maybe a laissez-faire #messyhousedontcare atmosphere, there’s not really any hint that we are going to be completely cleared out in five+ weeks.

So how will we go from completely residing in our house to packed, moved, and cleaned in the blink of an eye? I’m not entirely sure. This is how I feel about it:


We 80s babies all remember how that ended for dear Jesse Spano.

We’ve been assigned a “relocation consultant,” and jon has to remind me about every 4 minutes to NOT WORRY ABOUT IT.  I wish I knew what that means. Supposedly a huge shipping container is going to park on the street in front of our house in three weeks. Men are going to walk thru our place and grab everything we point to, and put it on a boat to Singapore, which will probably arrive a month after we do.

But what about everything we aren’t taking with us? They tell me movers & storage are being taken care of too. (But like just lifting boxes and furniture for us? Or actually packing it all up first? I need to know these things!)

And cleaning the house? Anyone who has ever moved EVER knows that’s the absolute worst part. Because after weeks of stressing and packing, and staining your hands with newspaper ink as you tediously pack all your mismatching wine glasses, then THEN you get to see just how disgusting all your corners and cabinets really are. If you were sad about leaving your place at all, it’s the kick in the pants that sends you running in sweet relief to be done with it.

But it’s possible I won’t have to worry about that either. But I don’t know for sure because it’s officially Christmas break and New Years, and everyone is taking time to slow down and be with family [as they should be], but we still move in 36 days, and some answers would be really nice.

I’m trying to be cool about it. If you ask how I’m feeling about everything, I might even convince you and I both that I’m alright! I’m excited, and nervous, sure. Who wouldn’t be? But I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m so….ya’ll know how that finishes on saved by the bell 😉


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