setting the scene

Okay, I’m not sure what kind of mental images went through your mind when I said Singapore, but if you’re anything like me (and I hope that I know a few things about what’s what in the world)….this is the image that flashed before my eyes when Jon told me about all of this that fateful night:
P1000446-copyLike seriously.
I knew very, very little about Singapore.
I sort of hoped that Jon was kidding, and wouldn’t bring it up again, but this is his dream job we’re talking about, so he couldn’t just leave it alone.  He began to fill me in about the country, and it was enough to pique my curiosity to start researching on my own.
As it turns out, I was a little off-base about this place.
First of all, English is one of it’s four main languages.  So, whew right there.
It’s a super modern country, filled with expats from all over the world, who are doing the same thing Jon & I plan to.  It’s been very westernized, and we know a few people who have lived there who adored their time.  It’s really small.  New York city is larger, by square km.  It’s located exactly 1° north of the equator, (or about the distance from here to Bellingham, for all you Seattleites) and about 50 degrees above sea level.  Read: very, very hot.  Like, their coldest month is January, averaging 79 degrees.  What’s more, the lowest minimum recorded temperature ever in Singapore was 68° and that was 80 years ago!  Crazy, right?!
The average sea temperature in April is 83°.  Fun fact: Jon and I got scuba certified out here in the Puget sound…which maintains a brisk 53°.
I guess those are some textbook facts, but some things that caused me to warm up to it…

It’s one of the safest places in the world.  One study ranked it the 2nd safest city in the world, behind Tokyo.  People are not allowed to own guns there.  Like, no one even tries because the penalty would be so severe!!  As of late, that bit of info is appealing to me more and more.
Singapore is near the top of the list for countries with the best educational system.
It has one of the most cost-efficient public transportation systems in the world.  Since owning a car over there will be ghastly expensive, and we’ll be without one, this sounds pretty great.  And since I have a four-year-old boy who is OBSESSED with trains, it sounds like paradise for him!
I’ve heard from a bunch of sources that it’s a foodie mecca.  Amazing food for amazing prices.  My dream is that it will actually make more financial sense to eat out every night than for me to cook. Ha.
Parks & beaches everywhere.  No need to elaborate on that.
Ease of traveling all over the Southern Pacific at relatively cheap rates.

And really, it’s doesn’t get any easier than this opportunity to live abroad.  The company Jon will go work for will help us with the transition and with so much of what we need.  We’ll get the opportunity to travel with Jon on occasion to Japan or Australia, our kids are still little (as opposed to trying something like this someday when Max is in junior high, and uprooting him from longtime friends), it’s only a 2-3 years commitment…

Yeah!  In the end, all the pros outweighed any anxieties I had, and we are taking the plunge!
We’ve told most of our family, I’m researching & contacting possible schools for Max to attend there, and Jon will probably take his inaugural trip out there for a conference & to scout neighborhoods in THREE WEEKS.  Can’t wrap my mind around all of this, but I’m so very excited!


Now, how do we tell our four year old that we’re moving to the other side of the world?


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  1. Gloria St. Cyr says:

    Very Cool ! I wish you the best of Luck, Joy and Peace ! What kind of work does Jon do ? Just curious.


    1. punchykara says:

      Thanks Gloria 🙂 he works for a software company, and will be running their operations in asia.


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